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Virus and Ransomware Removal and protection

You will have heard about big organizations and companies being hit by ransomware. It can cripple a business in minutes, and some may never recover. At APOC IT, we will protect your business using the latest software and training so that your staff are aware of how to handle the latest threats.

Fully Managed IT Support Service

Our Fully Managed IT Support Services will increase your profitability by applying our expert knowledge gained through years of experience and enabling you to focus on what your business does best. From general advice to complex problem diagnosis, we are always here to help.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

It has taken us years of hard work to gather the data we have. How would your business cope if suddenly all that data was encrypted by ransomware or lost because of a server failure? Having a solid backup solution in place is vital. Not just a solution that backs up your data but regularly checks to see if your data is recoverable.

Network Design

When planning out your network, you need to talk to the professionals. We will drill down to figure out the companies' long-term goals and strategy to ensure the network is designed to be able to increase capacity as needed, whilst minimizing unnecessary spending.

Cloud Services

As cloud services have improved exponentially businesses are moving their legacy systems over to fully cloud based solutions. This move can help trim budgets but also positively enhance the way your workforce communicates.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has become the biggest topic of conversation, but its true meaning might elude some. We firmly believe that the core of cybersecurity lies in educating individuals and by fostering a culture of awareness and vigilance, we actively diminish the primary risk faced by organizations.

We are a Cyber Essentials Certified business.